IQF - Frozen  Fruits and Vegetables


Individually Quick Frozen Fruits is a better way of retaining the freshness, shape colour and texture of fruits for a longer duration. Quick freezing does not allow the formation of large ice crystals in fruit’s cells.

Why IQF?
IQF is better than standard freezing as each piece of fruit is frozen individually rather than chilling the whole bulk of produce. IQF products are much easier to handle while working with them and they also do not cohere.  There is not one but several different techniques for individually quick freezing.

Our products are not frozen using the same fit for all, rather, each variety of fruits and vegetables is quick frozen with the technology most suited to its speciality. We ensure that our products have a long lasting freshness. Our products are also of high quality standards as each step, from plucking, sorting, washing drying and packaging is highly inspected for not a single speck can enter these edibles.

Dicing and slicing of fruits and vegetables makes the final work far easier for the end consumer. Thus, Our processed IQF merchandised is mostly in bulk batches with excellent quality components. No matter how much the plethora is, we make sure that the harvest does not get freeze burns while the flash goes and all its microbiology remains unperturbed. Where the foods are peeled and chopped, special consideration is being taken to restrict contamination, crystallization, cell wall rupture.

JNA IQF fruits and vegetables are not just fresh, but frozen fresh.

Papaya dices

IQF Papaya dices

Green Peas

IQF Green Peas

French green beans

French green beans

Mix Vegetables

IQF Mix Vegetables



Sweet corn

IQF Sweet corn

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