Fresh Kesar Mango

Kesar mango is somewhat round, curved tip, pulp is slightly orange, intense fragrance and slightly acidic sweetness. In terms of flavour only Alphonso is superior to it. Its dried juice is added to cereal flakes, custard powder and canned in syrup. This variety is excellent for freezing and reconstituting in drinks, juices and desserts. Its round shape helps in conceiving maximum pulp with sweetness evenly spread out.  Its processing can be done with steam and lye – peeling, without altering its natural scent. Kesar mango is not only used for its pulp, but fat in its stone is also extracted, where cocoa butter is to be substituted, (however, mango kernel fat is still not used in chocolates). At times kernels are roasted and eaten, or ground to flour once their tannin is removed. Pulp of Kesar mango is absolutely free of any astringency.

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