Fresh Garlic

Single clove of garlic is packed with so many medicinal properties that to name them all is not easy. It is mostly used for seasoning bland foods. It has a very strong smell for which it is extensively added to pizza seasonings and toppings. Garlic aids in better digestion, helps in managing blood pressure and is the oldest known medicine for hypertension. Even when taken in foods and eatables, garlic works well for its therapeutic wonders. The herb helps in soothing irritation of gastric canal, control of diabetes and boosts nervous systems. Due to its properties, garlic has been used in many communities as a black charm to inhibit omens. Some people hang garlic beside their front door as an auspicious symbol. When it comes to add taste, Indian varieties of garlic match to olfactory receptors, giving off a typical charred toasty kind of flavour. Our condiment is produced in its own habitat in India.

Season Chart

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Fresh Garlic Details

Single Strength Specifications:

Size:35mm+ to 45mm+

Packaging:Red mesh bags and Jute bags

Product name, batch/product code, net/gross weight, date of manufacture, storage instruction are printed on the label, affixed to each drum/box. The products are packed in an aseptic system with high quality and competitive price.

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