Fresh Alphonso Mango

Being the most superior of all mangoes, it has rich tender, low fibre, creamy texture. It is also called Badami, Gundu, Khader or Appas in different dialects. The fruit should be immediately washed after harvesting to avoid any sap leakage or bumming on the skin. Alphonso is especially resistant to such harm if taken care of and wrapped individually in films that are heat-shrinkable. Alphonso mango requires very less anti fungal wax coating and paraffin wax coating because it has inherited silkiness. Its flesh is also not so fibrous, making it easier to slice through half. The size of one cheek is sufficient as an appetizer or desert for one serving. The contour of stone and fingers are very little, subjecting to the art of cutting. Thin flesh fingers can be consumed as fruit cuts.

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