We are Agriculture Farm

Our adherence to Good Agricultural and Handling Practices, professional management, implementation of International Food Safety Standards and absolutely hygienic products make us the quality deliverer in Indian agri-business.

We at JNA India, introduce ourselves as suppliers of fresh, processed and IQF fruits and vegetables,grains and pulses based out of Punjab, India.With over a decade of being key purveyors to the domestic market, we are now venturing into direct export of offerings which are diversely scattered over the length and breadth of India.

We have been working in the Indian agri-business segment supplying fresh, nutritious and wholesome agro products by taking utmost care in maintaining good agricultural practices (GAP) to achieve highest quality standards along with specialization in marketing and supplying the offerings by procuring the best harvest from all over the country with our wide spread logistic and supply chain network across India for bulk production. The company is managed professionally by skilled, technically qualified and aggressive team of people, adheres to strict quality and hygiene standard maintenance and is certified for implementing and maintaining international food safety standards and assuring quality deliverance.



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